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  • Monday – Friday: 9am–8pm // Saturday: 9am–6pm
  • Glen Mills Mobility, 1050 Baltimore Pike, Glen Mills, PA 19342
  • (484) 845-7915 - Sales

Commerical Wheelchair Vehicles


Commercial Wheelchair Vehicles + Paratransit Vehicles

Glen Mills Mobility Commercial Services is the leading provider of ADA compliant wheelchair accessible vans, shuttles and paratransit vehicles in Michigan. From one vehicle to a fleet, we sell, service and customize your vehicle to suit your business needs.

We offer a broad selection of FMVSS, OEM and ADA-compliant commercial vehicles. Our partners include Ford, BraunAbility and VMI and our Glen Mills Mobility service team can modify the floors, restraints and more. While most vehicles are special order we do have vehicles often available immediately in one of our 4 Michigan area locations.


Types of Commercial Wheelchair Vehicles from Glen Mills Mobility


Commercial minivans come with a lowered floor, manual fold-out ramp, removable front passenger seat, and tie-downs. The lowered floor allows for 61″ of headroom inside the vehicle. Our ADA-compliant minivans are ALTOONA tested, FMVSS compliant, and CARB approved. These vehicles will not only allow you to transport up to five ambulatory passengers and two wheelchairs, but they will also offer you better fuel efficiency and maneuverability.

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Full Size Vans

Paratransit full-size vans can be equipped with a lift in the rear or the side doors of most full-size vans. Lifts come in all different sizes to accommodate different sized wheelchairs. The roofs of these vans can be raised along with the doors to increase headroom and entry height into the vehicle. Once the wheelchair user is in the vehicle, we offer several different floor plans to accommodate wheelchair users and ambulatory passengers.

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Paratransit buses are essential for organizations where a smaller van just won’t be enough. At Glen Mills Mobility, not only we are able to perform conversions on minivans and standard size vans, but also on large buses for paratransit use by hospitals, nursing homes, and municipalities. These are converted with the same high standard and attention to detail that Glen Mills Mobility is known for, but they have a seating capacity much greater than a single-family vehicle.

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